What Is A Yorkshire Terrier?

Yorkie or Yorkshire Terrier
They are terriers!!

Whatever you call them, they are the Greatest!
I have always heard that good things come in small packages, but I always thought that referred to small packages of diamond jewelry. However, after I got my first Yorkshire Terrier, I realized the true meaning of the phrase. These dogs are better than diamonds!

I am a true lover of Yorkies. I currently have two male Yorkies. One weighs 4 pounds and the other one weighs 7 pounds.

Sometimes they are so small that it’s hard to find sweaters that fit for them for cooler weather. They do get cold, so you want to dress them according to the temperature outside and remember that Yorkies are not to be left outside for very long.


Hey You, Look at Me!

That’s the true personality of Yorkies. Very self confident and scrappy little dogs with very strong personalities. They see themselves as big dogs. They are truly big dogs in small packages.

They were used as ratters in the mines to control the rodent population in the 1800’s in England. That “ratting” instinct does show up from time to time. Some Yorkies are better mousers than cats!

Some Things to Consider About Yorkies

It is important to remember that each dog is a different personality. And we can never fully know the temperment that is inherited from the dog’s parents. They can be yappy or not. I have one that is yappy and one that is not, so you just never know. But the characteristics that make up a Yorkie are what makes them so adorable.

My Yorkies sleep in the big bed, but I think they also enjoy their little private place, so you may want to check out a softie bed for them.

Yorkies are small with short legs–these short legs do not always allow them to climb up and down stairs, so you may have to help them. A fall down steep stairs could cause serious injuries or death.

They are not TOYS, even tho they are the size of some stuffed aniamls.

Do Not GIVE a Yorkie to a small child.
Little Yorkie teeth and temperament will not work for small children.

Small children may play to rough and cause injuries if they pull tails or ears, they may be bitten.
You cannot blame the dog in these situations, so common sense on the part of the parent must prevail.

Yorkies Are Hypoallergenic

These dogs are wonderful for people with allergies, as they have hair like a human, not fur. They do not shed.

They will need grooming by a professional groomer every month or so, or you can learn to do it yourself. There are lots of instruction videos on grooming and tools available for you to groom your dog at home.

Grooming your dog at home is sometimes easier and less stressful then taking them to a groomer that you never know how they are being treated after you leave them.
It’s very easy to trim your yorkie with scissors. Just don’t cut skin.Yours or theirs.

There are a variety of shampoos and conditioners on the market for dogs.
Read the labels to see what they contain and if you are comfortable with the ingredients.
I have used this brand for a long time, but sometimes my local pet store will be out, so it’s nice to know that I can order it. Check it out here……

I like to always use the companion conditioner to any shampoo that I use, so here is the conditioner….

Even if you do have your Yorkie groomed regularly, you will still need a shampoo and conditioner on hand in between groomer visits. They are dogs, after all, and they will get into things. Also, top and tail is very important.

Please do not use dish liquid on your dog.

Always be careful not to get shampoo or conditioner in their eyes or nose.

And it’s always good to put little cotton balls in their ears to prevent water from getting in and possibly causing bacteria to grow and create an infection.

But, this advice applies to any dog you may have. We need to be aware of what we do to them and the consequences.

My Yorkies are companion dogs. And they do their job very well. If yours is a companion dog, you’ll probably want to keep their hair cut short–puppy cut.

Otherwise, this little dog will have hair dragging the floor and very long hair on a Yorkie is alot of maintenance. It’s very time consuming for you to keep it from matting. The last thing you want is a matted and dirty Yorkie!

You may need to shop around to find a groomer that both you and your Yorkie like. Find someone that is familiar with grooming Yorkies. It’s important that the groomer like this breed of dog, if not, you will not want to leave your dog with this person. Trust me on this. All dog groomers are not created equal!


Between grooming visits, keep the hair out of their eyes. Hair poking into the eyes will cause eye infections. You will need to top and tail periodically. They do not like anything stuck on them anywhere, so it’s always good to check the bottom!

Excess hair can collect things. Being so low to the ground they get alot of dust in their eyes. So, you must Top and Tail .

There are many instructional videos to help you learn grooming or at least some tips that you may be able to use in between grooming visits.


If you have a dog, any breed, and you have tried to trim the toenails, then you know what a hassle that can be. Lots of anxiety and stress for both you and your dog. Yorkies normally do not like their feet handled. That is true of most dogs, tho.

I have used most of the dog nail clippers available on the market. A groomer even showed me how to hold my Yorkie to make it easier for both of us. Actually, nothing really worked to relieve the tension and anxiety.


The rotary nail clippers that you see on TV that look like they are really easy for you and your dog or cat can be a problem. They don’t work as advertised and they can hurt your dog or cat if the fur gets caught in the rotary drum.

There are many different types of nail clippers, but if you don’t know where the quick is you can injure your dog.
I do not like the sight of blood on my pets!!

Once you hurt your dog, they will always remember it and you will have a difficult time in the future trimming the nails.


IS a Yorkie the Breed For You?

If you think a Yorkie is the dog breed for you and your families lifestyle, then do as much research as possible to help confirm that decision. Go to dog shows, find a breed club that can offer referrals for breeders that you can contact. Then visit the puppies at the breeders home to see how they are cared for and socialized.

Better yet, consider adopting a Yorkie from a shelter and save a life. There are hundreds of Yorkies in foster care waiting for someone to give them their Forever Home. If you can’t find a Yorkie in a shelter near you, then check out PETFINDER.com. They have many to chose from.

Yes, it’s hard to believe that you can find pure bred dogs available for adoption . There is nothing wrong with the dogs in these shelters–many have been abandoned, dumped or taken to a kill shelter.  The dogs on PETFINDER.com have all been vetted and checked out. Any health issues are noted. There are many puppies available, also.

Yorkies can have a life span up to 17 years. So, you will have a long time companion.

So go check it out!!   Go, Go,Go!!!

And Then There’s This

Overall, Yorkies are happy, healthy little dogs that love attention and companionship. They are small enough to be taken almost anywhere.

I have taken them shopping with me and no one even knew they were around.

Of course, I have the proper doggy travel bags to carry them in around safely. They each have their own bag. There are many different styles and prices for dog carrier bags. They come in many different colors, too.


It’s easy to spoil them, because they are so adorable. They listen intently to what you are saying, turning and tilting their heads, all the while looking directly at you.

They will learn a varied vocabulary if you speak clearly. They are highly intelligent and can be a little stubborn at times.

They are very sociable little dogs–they decide quickly who belongs and who doesn’t belong. Who they like and who they don’t. They definitely bark at strangers–they are very good watchdogs. They will bite so intruders need to take them seriously. Ankle biters!!

There’s alot of information available to help you make a decision about Yorkies.

If you decide on a Yorkie, you are in for a fun ride!

Welcome to the World of Yorkshire Terriers!!