Successful Dog Training

What do you want to TRAIN your dog to do?

Successful dog training covers many topics.
Do you need help with teaching your dog obedience commands?
Or are you wanting to train an older dog, an adopted dog, or a therapy dog?
Need help with housebreaking your dog?

It has been said that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but that is not true. Older dogs can continue to learn new things, even tho they may be set in their own ways, more so than a young puppy. You just need proper instructon.

All dog training can be a challenge for some of us, if we are not totally sure about the best way to approach it. This is where great instruction comes into play. I really prefer a dog training approach that looks at things thru my dog’s eyes.

I do not like any type of animal training that adheres to policies of cruelty of any type. That is not how to train.

You will enjoy a great bond with your dog when you do your own dog training.


A good leash and collar is very important if you are trying to┬átrain your dog to walk beside you. Those of us that have big dogs sometimes end up being “walked” by our dogs, instead of us doing the walking. Or should I say being drug by the dog. That can be so embarrassing, too, when people are watching, because, clearly the dog is in control. Walking together is such a great time! But you must have a proper fitting collar or harness, as so many dogs pull and strain on a leash and then have damage to their throats, better known as collapsing trachea.

Dog training at home can save you money and time.

Also, your dog will probably be more comfortable at home, in his own familiar surroundings.
How nice it is, to not have to fight traffic and rearrange your schedule, to train your dog.
Have your own dog training classes. What a great time you and your friends could have training your own dogs!

Dog Obedience Training–Everyone Wants a Well-Trained Dog!

It seems that every where you look today, someone is offering advice on obedience dog training–there are numerous programs on television offering dog training courses and books and magazines are loaded with information and quick tips to training an obedient dog.

We all know that a well trained, obedient dog is a pleasure to be around, more so than a dog that is not obedient. But, even with all the abundance of information available, many people who own a dog do not take the time to train the dog. Then when the dog exhibits doggy behavior that the owners do not approve of, they become intolerant of the dog.

An example of this would be

If you have a puppy in the backyard digging holes because the puppy is alone all day, needing attention. The puppy should not be put in this position and then expected to just sit quietly all day, waiting for someone to come home and pay some attention to it. Is digging a trait of the breed? Some dogs dig more than others. Boredom causes dogs to dig, whine, bark or chew.

It is important to remember that dogs are born with a canine brain. They are pack animals and have a need of companionship–not isolation. They are usually full of life and fun as puppies, but they do not understand what is expected of them, unless they are trained. All dogs love to learn and they want to please their human companions. Dogs need to learn.

Left untrained, many breeds develop obnoxious behaviors and then their owners decide this puppy/dog is not cute anymore and get rid of it. Is this fair to the dog? All dogs deserve better than this. This is where responsible ownership comes into play.

There are many wonderful dogs in shelters that were abandoned or left at the shelters because of their behavior. These dogs are just waiting for someone to love and train them properly. It is so much easier to re-home a dog if that dog has had the benefit of obedience training. All dogs need to be leash trained and come when they are called.

There are many professional dog trainers, in most areas. Many animal shelters offer training classes at reasonable fees, if you do not have the time or temperament to train your dog yourself.

If you do train your dog yourself, you will both benefit as your bond will become stronger.

And getting to know your dog and spend extra time with him/her is so much fun and rewarding. If you have the patience–training is not done by yelling, jerking or hitting your dog. Fear does not train!

Research The Breed

If you are considering getting a “first” dog or adding another one to the family, do some research on the breed you are wanting.
Getting to know their traits early on will help you to understand their doggy behavior. Each dog has a different personality, just like people. They also have many different facial expressions–just like people. It is easy to see when your dog is happy or sad.

Your dog will be your very best friend–always loyal and always there for you.

To the last beat of their heart.

To repay that devotion and loyalty, give your dog the best training available.