Reviews of Doggie Dooley Dog Waste Disposal Systems

Whether you call it dog poop, doggy doo or dog waste, we are all faced with how to dispose of the ”little packages” left behind by our dogs on the lawn. Not only is it unsightly and smelly, but if you happen to misstep and find your shoes smeared with this brown goo, you will truly be unhappy.

The best way to dispose of this is to pick it up immediately when it’s left behind and place it in a container made much like a septic system at your house.

Many of you may be on town sewer and not know what a septic system is, they are commonly found on country properties.( You might want to do a search for information on home septic systems to get an understanding.)

Where To Dispose of the Dog Poop

There are many creative things on the market to help dog owners deal with the waste their dogs leave behind. I will focus on a few here.

      The idea behind the Doggie Dooley Waste System is that it works with enzymes that are added to the waste to help it disentergrate. This is a great idea, neat and tidy.

There is some installation required, mostly digging down in the ground to place the container. Then after that, you can decide how you would like to landscape around it.

This container will not look unsightly in your yard, as it is buried up to the lid cover. There is no need for anyone to know this is in your yard unless you want to show them. As you use the enzymes and flush it out with your garden hose, you will not have any odor.

And your lawn will be poop free!! That’s the goal here.  

You must remember to add the enzymes and flush with water. These in ground dog waste containers are not garbage cans, they must be maintained or all you’ll have is hard, crusted poop and then you’ll think that the unit is not working.



Another product from Doggie Dooley. This is what they call the Leach Bed Style.

This also needs to be buried in the ground for it to work, as the enzymes will leach out of the unit as you add them and water. It’s possible that this unit could have been built out of sturdier materials, but if it works and solves your problem of unsanitary dog poop in your yard or in your child’s play area, then that’s all that matters.

The success of any of these types of units is in the way that you install them and then the way you maintain them.

We all love our dogs, but dealing with the waste can sometimes be a daunting problem. The idea of having this conveniently buried in the yard, out of the way, not sitting around like a trash can is pretty neat. Neat and tidy.



This is the Four Paws Waste Manager Disposal System.

It also needs to be placed below ground. When digging you should know whether or not you have good drainage in your yard. With any of these below ground units, you should place gravel underneath to help with drainage and make sure it is level. If they don’t drain they won’t work.

So, try to follow the instructions as closely as you can and realize that you may have to make some modifications to suit you and your yard.



Next we have the Doggie Doo Drain Dog Waste Sewer Line Attachment.

You may find this attachment more to your liking. This works by first locating your sewer line or septic clean out.

Then screw in the Doggie Doo Drain to the sewer line or septic cleanout and remove the Doggie Doo Drain  Plug.

Place waste in the Doggie Doo Drain Cylinder and rinse down with your hose. Then replace the Doggie Doo Drain Plug. Next, go about your day. That was easy!!

        There are several options available for devices to put in your yard to dispose of nasty, smelly and unsanitary dog waste. You just have to find which one suits your situation and your wallet.







These guys are designed to keep you as far away as possible from the poop.

We must really love our dogs to perform such tasks!   Of course we do!!!!!



This is the Lazy Pet Poop Patrol Jaw Scoop

This is nice. Keeps you at a reasonable distance from the poop. You can’t get much farther away and still be in the yard!







   This is the Wire Rake Pooper Scooper for Grass.

This gets down and under the little piles and picks them up out of your grass. Sometimes, you know how hard it is to see if it’s been there awhile.

This should take care of that problem!!




As with all these items on this page read what others have to say about the product and then form your own opinion.