Natural, Organic or Holistic Dog Food


Do You Know Which Food is BEST For Your Dog?                                                              


There are many books available in your favorite bookstore about the ingredients in dog food. As we all remember the Pet Food Recall, we should make every effort possible to make sure that we know what we are spending our money on in feeding our pets.
There is no reason to not be informed. Giving your dog or cat healthy foods can mean the difference in life or death. Do not allow pet food manufacturers to let you believe that your dog will eat anything, just because he is a dog. All pets deserve healthy foods. So, please acquaint yourself with the differences listed below. Your pet will thank you for that!

Natural Foods

What does the word NATURAL mean when applied to describe dog food?

NATURAL foods are dog foods that have no chemical processing at all. They contain no additives, preservatives, artificial colorings, or flavors, hormones or antibiotics. The ONLY acceptable preservatives used are natural such as VitaminE-tocopherols.

Organic foods must be independently certified by the USDA’s National Organic program. They must not contain pesticides, by- products, chemicals, any growth hormones, synthetic fertilizers or bio-engineered ingredients. My dogs enjoy this kibble and I add some home cooked morsels to their bowl, also.

Holistic Foods

HOLISTIC food is another natural option choice. The holistic belief is that all internal systems are connected and that an imbalance in the body can cause a whole range of health problems. So these diets target your dogs whole body.

Read Labels

We are constantly reminded about how chemical poisons affect all of us.

We are what we eat and so is your dog. For your own personal health, we should certainly make an effort to remove these poisons from our daily life and definitely from the foods we eat and from the foods we feed to our dogs.

Take a more natural approach. We want to protect our pets health and our families health and this is certainly a major step. It’s also a step to protect the earth and its other inhabitants, like birds, bees, plants .

Make Changes Gradually

Make the dietary changes gradually to natural foods for your dog. Some people might prefer to use a canned organic dog food. If you prefer to do that you might try this product. Pictured here is the turkey and vegetable organic formula. Sounds good enough to eat!!

Try mixing in the natural food with a portion of the original food daily. This helps to prevent a digestive upset. Any time you make a change of foods for your dog, it needs to be done gradually–so this process might take a week or two, at least.

Also, some dogs might have a problem digesting grains like rice, so you may want to check out dog foods without grains or wheat.


Protect Your Dog

Remember, if you are feeding a natural daily diet, make sure that all doggy treats are also high quality natural treats.There are also natural chewy products available. There are many products on the market today that were not available a few years back.

Many groomers sell high quality dog foods, as well as pet stores. Natural foods come in a variety of formulas, age specific and address different health needs. Even if you have a senior dog, it’s never to late to change the diet.

Do your dog a favor and spend some time becoming informed by reading labels. Let’s not forget all the deaths caused by contaminated food and the pet food recall.
Natural foods were not part of this recall. You want to give your canine friend the best, healthiest life ever. Going natural is the best way to do this. After all, food is supposed to be natural, not fake. Only by eating real food can the body be healthy. (That applies to humans too, but that’s another subject!)

So, remember if you cannot pronounce the words on the labels and you don’t know what they are, then they probably aren’t natural.

Don’t buy them–keep looking for another product.

What You Should Know About Dog Food

In order for dog food to be safe, it must be made with quality ingredients. This cannot be stressed enough. Your dog’s health depends on a healthy diet.
Here are some things that you need to be aware of when you are reading dog food labels:
If the first ingredient is any type of corn or grain or rice product, that means that the food is mostly corn, rice or grain. Dogs need Good Meat protein, not carbohydrates!
Do not buy any foods that include”by-products“!
Meat by-products or poultry by- products are impossible to identify, they could mean beaks, feet, feces, feathers. You get the picture. Disgusting!

“Animal fat” and “Animal digest” are also ingredients to stay away from. They can mean a low quality, low priced mix of fats of uncertain origin.
Look for specific “meals”, such as “lamb meal” or “chicken meal”.
Generic “meat meal” could mean almost anything that could be dangerous to your dog.

Eliminate all foods that have artificial colors, preservatives or flavors. A healthy food product does not need artificial colors or flavors to make it look or taste better. There are plenty of foods that use natural preservatives.
Most important-look for products that have ORGANIC INGREDIENTS.

Do not trust phrases such as “complete and balanced”. Some pet food companies think that any garbage can be processed to feed dogs.

Why do they think that dogs can eat any old garbage and not get sick?