Hug Your Horse–Poem

When your day seems out of balance and so many things go wrong…

When people fight around you

And the day drags on so long…


When parents act like children,

in-laws make you think “Divorce”….

Go out into your pasture

and wrap your arms around your horse.


His gentle breath enfolds you,

and he watches with those eyes.

He may not have a Ph D, but he is Oh, so wise!


His head rests on your shoulder,

You embrace him oh so tight.

He puts your world in balance,

and makes it all seem right.


Your tears will soon stop flowing,

The tension is now eased.

The garbage has been lifted

and you are quiet and at peace.


So, when you need the balance

from circumstances in your day…

The best therapy that you can seek…

is out there eating hay!!



Horses bring so much to our lives. They can be so comforting in stressful times.

Riding can help us sometimes with our emotional feelings or just being with your horse, as they seem to sense when something is wrong.

Animals are gifted that way. So keep this sweet poem in mind when things aren’t going exactly right and if you have your horse at home, Go Outside and Hug Your Horse!

Your horse is always waiting for you, take some carrots—you’ll both benefit!