How To Stop Yorkie Barking at Everything


Have you just gotten a new family member, in the form of a Yorkshire Terrier?

Or are you considering getting a Yorkie?

How wonderful!

They are the most amazing little dogs.

They are little packages of DY- NO- MITE!!

They may be small in stature, but their spirit and heart are oh so BIG!!

They do not realize their size and can be very fearless at times.

Yorkies are very, very smart and can understand a vocabulary of many words.

You will notice how they turn their heads when you are speaking to them, as much to say that they are listening to every word and trying very hard to understand you.

I speak from experience as I was privileged to have had two Yorkie companions in my life for 16 years. Yes, they can and do live that long.

With that being said, it’s always wise to read up on the breed of dog that you are considering bringing into your life, as this is a lifetime commitment and some dogs fit into families better than others, for various reasons.

Yorkshire Terriers were bred to be ratters and go into the mines in England to catch rats, so if you have a cat, that cat may be out of a job, as my Yorkies were much better at catching mice than my cats.

The cats just got fat and lazy and had that “let the dog do all the work” attitude!

Yorkies are small and can be hurt or injured by young children. They can be hurt or injured falling from furniture or down stairs.

They have short legs, so don’t expect them to go leaping thru tall grasses or over high walls like a big dog. They can run very fast and will disappear if you are not keeping a close eye on them.

The ONE major thing they have in common with all other dogs is that they can be barkie.

Yorkies are Terriers first and foremost. They are excellent watch dogs and will alert you to every thing that they feel is intruding on their territory. That’s a GOOD THING!

You want to be made aware of possible intruders on your property, so you don’t want to teach your dog to not bark at all.

Good instruction can help your dog understand what you want, but YOU must be able to teach him that.


Yorkies Bark –Sometimes too much

They can have the tendency to be a little barkie or a lot barkie , depends on the dog. My first Yorkie was not barkie at all, he seemed to know when it was ok to bark and when to be quiet. Like the times that I snuck him into hotels in Maine that did not take dogs. He never made a sound! We had such fun with him.

I used to take him shopping with me, he was so small that he fit into my large purse. I did buy him a Sherpa bag and I took him everywhere in that.

Then when we got our second Yorkie, he had a different temperament. I thought he would be like our first Yorkie, but I was wrong. He barked at everything and everybody!

We could not take him to many places because he barked so much. He did not like anybody other than his family.

(My mother-in-law came for a visit and stayed 3 weeks. Each time she went into the bathroom and closed the door, my Yorkie would sit outside the door and bark the whole time she was in there. He was glad when she went home. He never did like her! Kind of funny really.)

Please do not let this discourage you from having these wonderful little dogs in your life.

Sometimes the conditions that your puppy was born into may be a cause for excessive barking.

I am not a professional dog trainer.I know that I have a lot to learn in order to teach my dog what I want him to know.

They just bring so much fun and life to our house, that we have decided to try and find one that needs a home thru Petfinder.

There are a lot of Yorkies  available on that site and I’m hoping that I can find one close to my home, if not, we will drive to get it.

Perhaps,  if more people knew how to train their Yorkies there wouldn’t be quite so many in shelters.