Horse Slaughter

Just looking at those words together makes me sick. What a horrible thought.

Yet, it goes on everyday.

Do you even know how the kill auctions work? Have you ever thought about it?

Most of us love horses. As kids we always dreamed of having a pony or horse to ride after school.

We enjoy watching the Kentucky Derby and admiring the beautiful horses.

We love seeing horses in a pasture grazing and swishing their tails.

But, did you know that thousands of horses are sent to slaughter in this country, the USA, every year? They are trucked across the borders to Mexico or Canada.

Why is it that these wonderful animals are treated with so little respect? Did you know that when they are being sent to slaughter, they are given no food or water? Is that humane?

Humane is a strange word and using it makes many people feel comfortable with decisions they make in regards to animals.

There are many people that have horses out in fields that don’t feed them or give them water. Many times horse rescue is notified about these situations and these horses are removed from the property and the owners are fined or jailed for animal cruelty.

If you are curious about horse slaughter, you can speak to the many horse rescue organizations in your area. They can fill you in. It’s difficult to write about. I cannot imagine the faces of people who do this type of thing.

Is this a job? Is this all you could get? How do you sleep at night?

What do you tell your children about your job? Do you say that daddy kills horses all day long?

This is a business that seems to be done quietly and unless you are involved with horses, you may not be aware. The state of Pennsylvania has kill pens. That’s just one state.

You should visit one of these auctions for an eye opening experience.

You can rescue horses from there that are about to be slaughtered.

Many different breeds of horses end up in these situations. For instance, draft horses.

Draft horses are discarded like yesterdays garbage when they appear to not be able to carry on all the farm chores. There is an endless supply of draft horses that are aged and sold for little to no money and slaughtered everyday.

This is a terrible fate for these beautiful, gentle giants.

There are many other breeds available at these horrible kill pens. You may find the best friend you ever had.

Ghandi said that a nation is judged by the way it treats its animals.

Is there no kindness left anywhere? Take a hard look at factory farming, the way cows and chickens are treated. Have you ever been to a slaughterhouse? Why not Google it and learn something.
Horses were the back bone of young America. Farmers could not get by without them.

Have you heard the saying that “the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man?”

Horses are wonderful therapy animals. How can we continue to turn away from these wonderful creatures?

Yes, I know you may not have an area where you can keep a horse at home. Could you possibly volunteer at a shelter that has horses?

Maybe you have children that would love to learn about horses and they could volunteer? While they are volunteering, they are also learning about horses.

Horse Meat

I have never knowingly eaten horse meat and I never will. I know that many Europeans do. Have you ever eaten horse meat?

Carriage Horses in New York City

Many cities have carriage rides to tourists, not just NYC. But, it seems that since NYC mayor was elected, he made it his mission to shut down the carriage trade. How stupid!

Have you ever enjoyed a carriage ride? I certainly have and the best cities have them. But, apparently, in campaign promises for a land grab where the NYC stables are, the mayor tried to get rid of the carriage horses. Can you imagine NYC without carriage horses? They have been in so many movies.

Instead he wanted to replace them with electric cars! How romantic!

Seems that for the moment the carriage horse business in New York City is safe. The horses would have been disposed of if this had happened to them.

If you would like more information on this, research it on Google.

Knowledge is power and that is true of everything. We cannot let others make horrible decisions for us.

If you cannot personally rescue a horse, maybe you could give a donation to a horse rescue.

Most times rescues are all volunteer organizations with both hands on and financial contributions that make it all possible.

Rescued horses come with many medical bills. Any amount you can give will help.

Please try to become more informed about the fate of horses.

There are many videos about rescued horses along with their stories.

Thanks for anything that you can do.