Free Dog–To Good Home Only

Prayer: “Dear Father,
Hear and Bless, Your beasts and singing birds,
And guard with tenderness,
Small things that have no words.”


Free Ads

 These types of ads  are very common in most newspapers today. In fact, many newspapers will run your ad for free if you are giving something away.
In today’s economy, many people feel they can no longer afford to keep their pet, so they think they’ll place an ad for a kindly person to come and give their pet a new home.
Let’s look at this more closely. If you are offering your child’s bike or swingset that has been outgrown, then that’s one thing. But, if you are trying to give away a living creature, be it a cat, dog, puppy, kitten then that’s another story.

Death Sentence

Of course, your interest in the pet may be in the right direction and you think that by giving it away, that you are doing it a favor. What you may actually be doing is giving your pet to someone  who knocks at your door that will sell it to a lab for research, breeding or SLAUGHTER. Are you repulsed yet? You cannot always believe people when they respond to these ads.

Don’t sentence your dog or cat to a DEATH SENTENCE. Please be kind and considerate. These animals all have feelings and just because you don’t want them anymore or can’t keep them, doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve respect. Remember how much fun it was when you first got them!

Check With Local Authorities

  Perhaps, you could contact your local animal shelter to help you out. They may have someone who could foster your pet until they can rehome it. If you can’t physically take your pet to the shelter yourself, maybe they could send someone to your home to pick it up.

Many times a groomer or local veterinarians can also help you find a companion animal a home. You can provide them with details about your pet like  name, age, likes, dislikes, gets along with children or not, gets along with other animals or not, health issues–these are all very important details. Also, be sure to have all veterinary records available. With this information in hand, the shelter will have the knowledge to place your pet in the  forever home that it so rightfully deserves.

Dogs and cats can be such wonderful companions to us–very devoted and loyal. The very least we can do is to try to find them a good home. That may require a little more effort than placing a free ad in your local paper. And remember, animals suffer from emotional trauma, too, and uprooting them from their home that they’ve had for awhile can be very disturbing to them. They have no way of understanding why you don’t want them anymore.

They all deserve a good home, but sadly that’s not always the case.