Flea Control Tips

How To Control Fleas

This is the age old problem. There has been countless articles written about flea control. It is very important to emphasize to dog owners that there are safer alternatives to controlling fleas, then using poisonous dips, sprays, powders, flea collars and flea shampoos. These products are some of the worst environmental pollutants and they are used daily by people who are well meaning pet owners. But, it is up to the pet owner to become more informed about these products, because they are dangerously potent.

Flea Product Cautions

The idea is to repel fleas, not poison your dog. Remember, these poisons are absorbed thru your dogs skin–each dogs system handles these poisons in a different way–but poison is poison and skin is skin.

So, if you see a caution on the label that reads to “avoid contact with skin” then that means that humans should not handle the product and if you do, wash your hands thoroughly. It’s bad enough that your dearest animal companion is flea bitten, but does he have to endure more complications from these dangerous flea products?

Understand These Products

It is important that you educate yourself and move way beyond these toxic chemicals. Not only is your dog’s health being compromised by these types of products, but so are other members of your family.

You may have small children that hug their dog or kiss him and get their mouth near the poisonous flea collar. Most children do not wash their hands each time they pet their dog, so if their dog has flea powder or a spray on him, then they may get that product in their mouth or on their skin, also. You may think that your child has allergies (which are difficult to track), but it could be that these chemicals are really what your child is allergic to.

Side Effects For Your Dog

Your dog may start to exhibit illnesses that you can not explain. Most times people never think that what they are using to treat fleas is making their dog terribly ill.
Some dogs even suffer hair loss from skin irritating flea collars and flea powders.
So, please, look for other safe alternatives. There are many products available. Do your dog a great favor and protect his health.

What Can You Do?

We can not expect to kill all fleas as they are constantly reproducing in the environment.


There are numerous products designed to kill fleas in your carpets. Try sprinkling borax on your floors, into the cracks and on the carpet, then vacuum. You can buy borax at larger grocery stores.

If they get into your house and into your carpet, it’s a constant cycle and you’ll never get your dog or cat free of fleas.

One of the best defenses against fleas is to keep your dog’s sleeping area clean. Launder his bedding at least once a week and dry it on a high heat cycle to kill flea eggs. Do the same with your own bedding if your dog sleeps on your bed.
Vacuum and clean your floors at least once a week.

Keep your lawn mowed regularly and mow grass short so sunlight can warm the soil which kills larvae. And watering helps to drown developing fleas. Ants in your yard are a good thing-they eat flea eggs and larvae, so do not drown your yard in pesticides to kill all insects.

These are just some of the things you can do to help control fleas in your home and on your dog.

Searching the Internet may help you to find your individual solution–one that is safe and natural–not dangerous to the health of your dog or your family.

There are safe alternatives to poisonous chemicals–So please, for everyone’s benefit, seek them out.

The Dangers of Flea Collars–Flea Collars and Dangerous Chemicals

Much has been written about the dangers of poisonous pesticides that are used daily on our dogs and cats, in the form of flea collars, flea dips, powders or flea sprays.
These products cause pesticides poisoning. Your unfortunate dog or cat can not tell you how poorly he is feeling. You may think that because your dog or cat is hyperactive or feeling lethargic, that it is because he is being irritated by fleas, when all along his flea treatment is making him sick.

As your pet becomes ill because his immune system is being so compromised, he becomes even more a target to be attacked by internal and external parasites.

The manufacturers of these synthetic pesticides know that the insects build up an immunity to these products and in doing so, they just get stronger and stronger. So, they are always increasing the dosages. This, in turn, over powers your pet and causes diseases, disabilities and eventually death.

Herbal Repellants

Using botanical products is a much better choice for your pet, your family and the environment. Using synthetic poisonous chemicals is certainly not being “GREEN”.

There are many Herbal repellants, as herbs serve so many different purposes, one of which is their ability to safely control pesky insects. Herbs have been used for centuries to control insects and for medicinal purposes, they certainly have a great use in todays society.

Health food stores carry alot of healthy, safe products for your pets. You can find herbal products at many of the larger pet stores. Groomers often times carry botanical products also, and can recommend good products for you to use safely.

For the health of your pet and your wallet, you really need to become informed about these herbal, safe remedies. Otherwise, you may find your dog or cat so ill that a trip to the veterinarian is in order. So many vets do not look for chemical poisoning, so they treat for other symptoms, which increases the illness of your pet and adds up a huge veterinary bill. Been to the vet lately? It is as expensive as a trip to your doctor.

So, for the health of your dog or cat and your wallet, it is better to stay away from these dangerous chemicals.

We must look after our pets, as they have no choice of what you are doing to them. There are many natural products on the market. You may have to search a little harder for them, also, you could speak to the manager of your favorite pet store and request that they stock  natural products for your dog.

Not only do these products make your pets ill, but if you hug your pet or stroke his fur, you can develope allergies, skin rashes or other nasty types of irritations! And if you have young children that naturally play with their pets, they are severely at risk from absorbing the poisonous chemical vapors that leach from these products.

So, please understand that the fancy advertising on these flea killing products is just that….fancy advertising to get your dollars. Not for being truly helpful and safe for your pet or family. Think about your poor dog or cat being subjected to having to walk around daily with this noxious poison attached to their necks affecting their health. Then as your pets health begins to decline, you are clueless. So, off to the vet you go– by then it is to late.

Take the time to find out about Herbal repellants. Do not continue poisoning your pet and allowing these poisons into your home and around your children.


You owe it to your dog or cat to protect them from unnecessary poisoning.