Christmas For The Horses

This is a story about horses and how they were treated many years ago. But, of course, some horses do not live the best of lives today, either.
Horses are wonderful companions and many of us that love our dogs, also have horses in our lives.
If you belong to a riding club, maybe you could organize others to participate in a horse celebration–what fun everyone could have, celebrating the wonderful role that horses have played in all our lives.

How about a parade for the horses with wagons and floats? So many children would love to participate in this type of an event.

 Once Upon a Time in Boston:

There are probably not to many people still alive today that were in Boston or surrounding areas in 1916, that were familiar with the celebration of Christmas for the horses.
Maybe this is a family story that was told to you by grandparents or great grandparents.

A Mr. George Thorndike Angell, who in the1860’s was an attorney, humanitarian and the founder of the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, felt the need to do something to educate people, especially children, to be kind to animals.

This idea was formed after a great horse race was held in 1868 and two of the finest horses in the state were literally driven to death over a 40 mile stretch of rough roads in the wintry month of February.

He felt that it was time for Boston to stop the cruelty to animals, as many horses pulled carriages, carts, wagons, were police horses and were ignored in their plight of being abused, hungry, sick, lame and frightened.

Sadly, Mr. Angell died before seeing his idea come to fruition, but a successor carried on.
These deplorable conditions were made aware to the public by having this celebration in the Post Office Square, which was a main artery at the time for horse traffic going to and fro through the city of Boston.

Feast For The Horses

The Christmas Eve celebration party for the horses consisted of treating them to ample oats, carrots, apples and ears of corn. What a wonderful feast for these magnificent creatures!
As the years past and the celebration continued, it was noted that the horses seemed in better health and spirits–being better cared for by their keepers.

Unfortunately, as the city of Boston grew busier with automobile traffic and fewer work horses, the celebration became a victim of changing times and by the middle of the 1950’s there was no longer a celebration in honor of the work horses.

We must all remember the important role that the horse has played in many countries around the world.

Just think of all the settlers with their covered wagons, going west with their horses and other beasts of burden, such as oxen and mules. Where would our farmers be without horses?
So, a day of respect and thanking them is in order. They do deserve better treatment and respect.

They do not deserve to be left in a field without shelter from inclement weather and no food or water.
We hear these horror stories so often. I have a difficult time getting my mind around the mentality of someone who would allow this type of abuse.

For those of us that are lucky enough to have a horse in our life–go out and give him a big hug.


Extra oats, apples and goodies are in order, too!

So, what a great idea–a celebration for the horses.

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful idea if we all took the time to celebrate and show respect and kindness to all the animals in our lives?

How empty our lives would be without our animal companions!

Organize a Day of Celebration–A Holiday For The Animals

Maybe you could organize a day of celebration in your town or neighborhood to celebrate the lives of your dogs, cats, rabbits–you get the idea.

This could be a wonderful family experience to involve the children in and teach them respect and caring for the animals.

It does not have to be Christmas, in fact, setting aside any day and making that day a “holiday” for the animals is even better.

Is it time for a new grooming kit for your best friend? Sometimes our brushes wear out faster than we realize.

Get The Family Together

Get your children involved in making treats for the animals. (make sure the treats are safe foods for the animals to eat. No chocolate for dogs!) Get your camera and take some great pictures for scrapbooks. This can be a great family gathering. The kids will love it!

What a great way to teach children about the important role that all animals play in our lives. So, gather your family, friends and neighbors and plan a day of celebration for the animals. Have a great feast!

The MSPCA is still doing tireless work in rescuing neglected, abused farm animals, as well as dogs and cats.
If you live close by, maybe you could visit their facilities. And if you are looking to adopt a dog, cat or other animal, you might check them out first.
If you are not close by, then I am sure that you will find your local animal shelter has many dogs, cats and horses to chose from.

Make it a point that in the New Year, you will be a friend to your local animal shelter by donating or helping out on a regular basis.
That is a great resolution and you will feel very good inside!
All animals deserve a warm, loving home.

Now, let’s get going on our planning for our day of celebration.