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Horse Slaughter

Just looking at those words together makes me sick. What a horrible thought.

Yet, it goes on everyday.

Do you even know how the kill auctions work? Have you ever thought about it?

Most of us love horses. As kids we always dreamed of having a pony or horse to ride after school.

We enjoy watching the Kentucky Derby and admiring the beautiful horses.

We love seeing horses in a pasture grazing and swishing their tails.

But, did you know that thousands of horses are sent to slaughter in this country, the USA, every year? They are trucked across the borders to Mexico or Canada.

Why is it that these wonderful animals are treated with so little respect? Did you know that when they are being sent to slaughter, they are given no food or water? Is that humane?

Humane is a strange word and using it makes many people feel comfortable with decisions they make in regards to animals.

There are many people that have horses out in fields that don’t feed them or give them water. Many times horse rescue is notified about these situations and these horses are removed from the property and the owners are fined or jailed for animal cruelty.

If you are curious about horse slaughter, you can speak to the many horse rescue organizations in your area. They can fill you in. It’s difficult to write about. I cannot imagine the faces of people who do this type of thing.

Is this a job? Is this all you could get? How do you sleep at night?

What do you tell your children about your job? Do you say that daddy kills horses all day long?

This is a business that seems to be done quietly and unless you are involved with horses, you may not be aware. The state of Pennsylvania has kill pens. That’s just one state.

You should visit one of these auctions for an eye opening experience.

You can rescue horses from there that are about to be slaughtered.

Many different breeds of horses end up in these situations. For instance, draft horses.

Draft horses are discarded like yesterdays garbage when they appear to not be able to carry on all the farm chores. There is an endless supply of draft horses that are aged and sold for little to no money and slaughtered everyday.

This is a terrible fate for these beautiful, gentle giants.

There are many other breeds available at these horrible kill pens. You may find the best friend you ever had.

Ghandi said that a nation is judged by the way it treats its animals.

Is there no kindness left anywhere? Take a hard look at factory farming, the way cows and chickens are treated. Have you ever been to a slaughterhouse? Why not Google it and learn something.
Horses were the back bone of young America. Farmers could not get by without them.

Have you heard the saying that “the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man?”

Horses are wonderful therapy animals. How can we continue to turn away from these wonderful creatures?

Yes, I know you may not have an area where you can keep a horse at home. Could you possibly volunteer at a shelter that has horses?

Maybe you have children that would love to learn about horses and they could volunteer? While they are volunteering, they are also learning about horses.

Horse Meat

I have never knowingly eaten horse meat and I never will. I know that many Europeans do. Have you ever eaten horse meat?

Carriage Horses in New York City

Many cities have carriage rides to tourists, not just NYC. But, it seems that since NYC mayor was elected, he made it his mission to shut down the carriage trade. How stupid!

Have you ever enjoyed a carriage ride? I certainly have and the best cities have them. But, apparently, in campaign promises for a land grab where the NYC stables are, the mayor tried to get rid of the carriage horses. Can you imagine NYC without carriage horses? They have been in so many movies.

Instead he wanted to replace them with electric cars! How romantic!

Seems that for the moment the carriage horse business in New York City is safe. The horses would have been disposed of if this had happened to them.

If you would like more information on this, research it on Google.

Knowledge is power and that is true of everything. We cannot let others make horrible decisions for us.

If you cannot personally rescue a horse, maybe you could give a donation to a horse rescue.

Most times rescues are all volunteer organizations with both hands on and financial contributions that make it all possible.

Rescued horses come with many medical bills. Any amount you can give will help.

Please try to become more informed about the fate of horses.

There are many videos about rescued horses along with their stories.

Thanks for anything that you can do.


Add Some Bunny Love To Your Life

As kids, many of us loved bunnies.

We read about Peter Rabbit and Mr. MacGregor’s garden.

We remember Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail.

Today, we collect Bunnykins china pieces by Wedgewood and all things Peter Rabbit, which includes books, stuffed rabbits, sketches, antique coloring books and Peter Rabbit teapots, cups and saucers.

So, it stands to reason then that we might love having a real Peter Rabbit of our own, in the form of a beautiful, soft, furry bunny.

Rabbits are really fairly easy to keep. You just want to make sure that you are well informed on what it takes to keep them healthy and happy. Nobody wants an unhappy or unhealthy bunny! No Bunny does either!

There are a number of different breeds of rabbits to chose from.

In your search for the perfect bunny, you might check out your nearest animal shelter. They seem to have rabbits at different times of the year. At least, in my area, there are always a number of bunnies to chose from and they are always different ages and breeds.

The animal shelter is also a good place to get great tips on the perfect bunny for you and your family. I think some people rush out to get a rabbit before they think it through and then they decide they really didn’t want it after all.

That’s no way to treat a bunny!

Take your bunny to work day!
We have all heard of companies that allow workers to bring their dogs to work.
Well, maybe you could take your bunny to work with you.
Rabbits don’t bark, but they might bite if they get scared.
You would just have to make sure your co-workers wouldn’t tease or scare your bunny.
But, you can put your bunny on a leash and away you go.

You could always transport it in a pet carrier. So easy to do!!

Don’t forget the bunny treats!

I have heard of bunnies being trained to use a litter box just like cats. I understand it is fairly easy to do.

Rabbits are very independent creatures. They may not like a lot of cuddling like your cat or dog. They are very curious, also.

Healthy Diet=Healthy Rabbit

Grass hay should be the majority of your rabbit’s diet. They should ALWAYS have it available, as it gives them the nutrients they need to keep their sensitive digestive tract in good working order. It also keeps their constantly growing teeth healthy. Did you know that rabbits have an extra set of tiny, little teeth right behind their incisors? These are called peg teeth.

You will find that rabbits have a preference for different kinds of hay, so since you can’t ask Mr. Bunny which he prefers, he will show you by the way he eats.

Providing varieties of grass hay promotes good eating habits and it keeps up his interests.

A few varieties of hay are timothy, orchard, meadow, barley, oat and rye.

Alfalfa hay is high in protein and calcium, which is great for pregnant, nursing, growing young rabbits. But, you want to change them over to grass hay at about 7 months old, so that they don’t become overweight.

The second most important part of their diet would be fresh and clean greens. Offer a variety of leafy dark greens. They provide moisture and other micronutrients for a rabbit’s diet.

Always have water available, but they might not drink a lot of water if they are eating a lot of greens. There does need to be balance here, tho, as your rabbit can develop diarrhea. Measure out one cup of packed greens per 2 pounds of body weight daily.

Fresh fruits and veggies should be given very sparingly. They should be used as treats when you are training.

How about growing some organic grass for your furry friend?

And, please don’t just throw in some rabbit pellets and think you are done feeding. Pellets are concentrated nutrition for your rabbit and eating a lot of them can cause obesity, dental problems, gastrointestinal problems and boredom. So, offer pellets sparingly.

Rabbits should never be given chocolate, sugary, starchy, or high fat foods. Skip the grains, beans, corn, bread, nuts, oats and seeds. Who knew? Now you do.

What Kind OF Housing For Your Rabbit?

Most rabbits live in either cages or pens. Some are lucky to have custom built cages or maybe even a room to themselves. Make sure they have a solid bottom so their feet don’t get sores on them from being on wire all day.

Outdoor rabbit houses can be very cute and an attractive addition to your flower or vegetable garden. Make sure that they are not sitting in the direct sun all day, as your bunny could become overheated.

A rabbit needs to be able to run and jump, so make sure they have plenty of play time outside of their enclosure.

There are many cute rabbit houses for indoors and if you have room to keep your bunny in a family area, you will enjoy watching all the things that it will do. Your rabbit will enjoy the companionship also. So much better than being put away outside or in a room that you don’t use that much.

You may need to rabbit proof the areas in your home where your bunny will be out running around, so it doesn’t chew on the electric cords or knock down any valuable china.

Also, make sure you don’t have any toxic houseplants around that might look tasty.

Always keep your rabbit fenced or penned if outside playing as predators can snatch and grab your rabbit if left unattended.

Rabbits can get heatstroke if temps are hot, like over 80 degrees.

Spend time with your rabbit.

All pet owners have a goal of providing a safe environment and to keep their pets healthy.

Your rabbit can be a great companion animal. They can live 7-10 years. Do research on the different breeds and then decide which one is best for your situation.

Then enjoy your new found friend!


Adopt Your Next Companion Animal

Are you considering adding a new family member to your household?

Would that family member be a furry dog or cat?

Why not consider saving a life and giving a home to an animal that has lost his home due to abandonment or perhaps it’s original owner became ill and could no longer care for them.

Many animals that are in shelters today are there because their owner has passed away.

Just imagine the stress on any animal, dog, cat, horse that loses its familiar surroundings.

Many local shelters try to provide foster care for animals in need.

These foster families often have children and other pets that the shelter pet gets to live with.


Don’t go to a pet store to buy an animal.

Check  the local shelters first, please.

So many dogs that are offered for sale in a pet store are products of filthy, disgusting and inhumane puppy mills.

When you purchase a dog this way, you have no idea the conditions the puppy and it’s parents are living in.

Dogs that are being sheltered are often dogs that have been dumped in high kill shelters. Many of these dogs are pure bred.

Do not assume that shelters only have mixed breed dogs–that is so untrue.

You can search the internet for shelters in your local area and also search on Petfinder.com.

Petfinder.com. lists dogs and cats all across the U.S. and Canada.

They also have listings for horses, birds, and farm animals.

When you view the listings for the dogs, most of them give some background information.

Like health issues, whether they can be placed with small children and other dogs or cats.

They also have the adoption forms and information about the shelter and how to contact them.

Many dogs are rescued from the high kill shelters in the southern states and have to be transported to the north.

There are dog transports that run several times a month. There is a charge for this service.

The transport company will arrange a pickup time for you to connect with your new family member.

This is such a wonderful service to save a life for these wonderful dogs and help them to get to their new homes.

And yes, any dog that is rescued knows he’s being rescued and given a second chance. They will show their gratitude.


If you don’t find what you are looking for on Petfinder.com the first time you search, keep looking.

There are so many wonderful breeds of dogs available just waiting for another person to love.

As you search, you will see that some of these dogs came from tragic circumstances.

It’s so hard to understand how people can abuse animals. Dogs and cats bring so much to our lives.

If you have ever been lonely and had a companion animal you know how important that animal was/is.


Christmas is not a good time to give an animal as a gift.

I’m sure many pets were given as gifts during the holiday season.

However, unless you are positively sure of the conditions that pet will live in, you should never give a living creature as a gift.

The economic factors of the people you are gifting with a live animal must be considered.

Live animals need to eat daily and be cared for. Some families may not be able to give the required care.

Also, some small children are not well suited to live animals. There’s a huge difference in a live animal and a stuffed animal.

And then there’s always the fact that puppies grow bigger. They grow into their feet. Some dogs don’t fit into the household after they grow up. That can be at around 6 months depending on the breed.

Then you have a family that might become unhappy with the dog because they didn’t know what they were getting into.

So, that can become a bad situation for the dog.

It’s very important to research the best breed for your household.

And remember, puppies have to be taught to pee outside or on a designated pee pad.

They don’t know about your fancy rug or furniture.

They don’t come to you knowing anything and if you are lacking patience for training, then everyone will be unhappy.

Like everything in life, it takes a little time and understanding. All babies pee and poop. All babies have to be potty trained.


Please consider adoption to rescue and rehome a pet.

If you aren’t sure what size dog or cat you may want, why not volunteer at your local animal shelter?

Then you can get first hand knowledge of care and what breed you may be interested in.

Shelters always need help and supplies.

Maybe you could even get your children interested in volunteering at an animal shelter.

What a great way to teach responsibility to care for a living animal.

What a great way to bond with your children and the animals.

Makes everyone smile!



How To Stop Yorkie Barking at Everything


Have you just gotten a new family member, in the form of a Yorkshire Terrier?

Or are you considering getting a Yorkie?

How wonderful!

They are the most amazing little dogs.

They are little packages of DY- NO- MITE!!

They may be small in stature, but their spirit and heart are oh so BIG!!

They do not realize their size and can be very fearless at times.

Yorkies are very, very smart and can understand a vocabulary of many words.

You will notice how they turn their heads when you are speaking to them, as much to say that they are listening to every word and trying very hard to understand you.

I speak from experience as I was privileged to have had two Yorkie companions in my life for 16 years. Yes, they can and do live that long.

With that being said, it’s always wise to read up on the breed of dog that you are considering bringing into your life, as this is a lifetime commitment and some dogs fit into families better than others, for various reasons.

Yorkshire Terriers were bred to be ratters and go into the mines in England to catch rats, so if you have a cat, that cat may be out of a job, as my Yorkies were much better at catching mice than my cats.

The cats just got fat and lazy and had that “let the dog do all the work” attitude!

Yorkies are small and can be hurt or injured by young children. They can be hurt or injured falling from furniture or down stairs.

They have short legs, so don’t expect them to go leaping thru tall grasses or over high walls like a big dog. They can run very fast and will disappear if you are not keeping a close eye on them.

The ONE major thing they have in common with all other dogs is that they can be barkie.

Yorkies are Terriers first and foremost. They are excellent watch dogs and will alert you to every thing that they feel is intruding on their territory. That’s a GOOD THING!

You want to be made aware of possible intruders on your property, so you don’t want to teach your dog to not bark at all.

Good instruction can help your dog understand what you want, but YOU must be able to teach him that.


Yorkies Bark –Sometimes too much

They can have the tendency to be a little barkie or a lot barkie , depends on the dog. My first Yorkie was not barkie at all, he seemed to know when it was ok to bark and when to be quiet. Like the times that I snuck him into hotels in Maine that did not take dogs. He never made a sound! We had such fun with him.

I used to take him shopping with me, he was so small that he fit into my large purse. I did buy him a Sherpa bag and I took him everywhere in that.

Then when we got our second Yorkie, he had a different temperament. I thought he would be like our first Yorkie, but I was wrong. He barked at everything and everybody!

We could not take him to many places because he barked so much. He did not like anybody other than his family.

(My mother-in-law came for a visit and stayed 3 weeks. Each time she went into the bathroom and closed the door, my Yorkie would sit outside the door and bark the whole time she was in there. He was glad when she went home. He never did like her! Kind of funny really.)

Please do not let this discourage you from having these wonderful little dogs in your life.

Sometimes the conditions that your puppy was born into may be a cause for excessive barking.

I am not a professional dog trainer.I know that I have a lot to learn in order to teach my dog what I want him to know.

They just bring so much fun and life to our house, that we have decided to try and find one that needs a home thru Petfinder.

There are a lot of Yorkies  available on that site and I’m hoping that I can find one close to my home, if not, we will drive to get it.

Perhaps,  if more people knew how to train their Yorkies there wouldn’t be quite so many in shelters.

Hug Your Horse–Poem

When your day seems out of balance and so many things go wrong…

When people fight around you

And the day drags on so long…


When parents act like children,

in-laws make you think “Divorce”….

Go out into your pasture

and wrap your arms around your horse.


His gentle breath enfolds you,

and he watches with those eyes.

He may not have a Ph D, but he is Oh, so wise!


His head rests on your shoulder,

You embrace him oh so tight.

He puts your world in balance,

and makes it all seem right.


Your tears will soon stop flowing,

The tension is now eased.

The garbage has been lifted

and you are quiet and at peace.


So, when you need the balance

from circumstances in your day…

The best therapy that you can seek…

is out there eating hay!!



Horses bring so much to our lives. They can be so comforting in stressful times.

Riding can help us sometimes with our emotional feelings or just being with your horse, as they seem to sense when something is wrong.

Animals are gifted that way. So keep this sweet poem in mind when things aren’t going exactly right and if you have your horse at home, Go Outside and Hug Your Horse!

Your horse is always waiting for you, take some carrots—you’ll both benefit!