Adopt Your Next Companion Animal

Are you considering adding a new family member to your household?

Would that family member be a furry dog or cat?

Why not consider saving a life and giving a home to an animal that has lost his home due to abandonment or perhaps it’s original owner became ill and could no longer care for them.

Many animals that are in shelters today are there because their owner has passed away.

Just imagine the stress on any animal, dog, cat, horse that loses its familiar surroundings.

Many local shelters try to provide foster care for animals in need.

These foster families often have children and other pets that the shelter pet gets to live with.


Don’t go to a pet store to buy an animal.

Check  the local shelters first, please.

So many dogs that are offered for sale in a pet store are products of filthy, disgusting and inhumane puppy mills.

When you purchase a dog this way, you have no idea the conditions the puppy and it’s parents are living in.

Dogs that are being sheltered are often dogs that have been dumped in high kill shelters. Many of these dogs are pure bred.

Do not assume that shelters only have mixed breed dogs–that is so untrue.

You can search the internet for shelters in your local area and also search on lists dogs and cats all across the U.S. and Canada.

They also have listings for horses, birds, and farm animals.

When you view the listings for the dogs, most of them give some background information.

Like health issues, whether they can be placed with small children and other dogs or cats.

They also have the adoption forms and information about the shelter and how to contact them.

Many dogs are rescued from the high kill shelters in the southern states and have to be transported to the north.

There are dog transports that run several times a month. There is a charge for this service.

The transport company will arrange a pickup time for you to connect with your new family member.

This is such a wonderful service to save a life for these wonderful dogs and help them to get to their new homes.

And yes, any dog that is rescued knows he’s being rescued and given a second chance. They will show their gratitude.


If you don’t find what you are looking for on the first time you search, keep looking.

There are so many wonderful breeds of dogs available just waiting for another person to love.

As you search, you will see that some of these dogs came from tragic circumstances.

It’s so hard to understand how people can abuse animals. Dogs and cats bring so much to our lives.

If you have ever been lonely and had a companion animal you know how important that animal was/is.


Christmas is not a good time to give an animal as a gift.

I’m sure many pets were given as gifts during the holiday season.

However, unless you are positively sure of the conditions that pet will live in, you should never give a living creature as a gift.

The economic factors of the people you are gifting with a live animal must be considered.

Live animals need to eat daily and be cared for. Some families may not be able to give the required care.

Also, some small children are not well suited to live animals. There’s a huge difference in a live animal and a stuffed animal.

And then there’s always the fact that puppies grow bigger. They grow into their feet. Some dogs don’t fit into the household after they grow up. That can be at around 6 months depending on the breed.

Then you have a family that might become unhappy with the dog because they didn’t know what they were getting into.

So, that can become a bad situation for the dog.

It’s very important to research the best breed for your household.

And remember, puppies have to be taught to pee outside or on a designated pee pad.

They don’t know about your fancy rug or furniture.

They don’t come to you knowing anything and if you are lacking patience for training, then everyone will be unhappy.

Like everything in life, it takes a little time and understanding. All babies pee and poop. All babies have to be potty trained.


Please consider adoption to rescue and rehome a pet.

If you aren’t sure what size dog or cat you may want, why not volunteer at your local animal shelter?

Then you can get first hand knowledge of care and what breed you may be interested in.

Shelters always need help and supplies.

Maybe you could even get your children interested in volunteering at an animal shelter.

What a great way to teach responsibility to care for a living animal.

What a great way to bond with your children and the animals.

Makes everyone smile!